The coordinator for Brazil is: Marcelo de Oliveira Montini,

Rua Lincoln Byrrho, 332

Vila Bretas, Governador Valadares

Minas Gerais, 35032-610 Brazil

Tel: 055-033-221-3438

On 20 March 1999, Marcelo wrote:

The search started with the discovery of an old passport, belonging to "Montin Sante fu Giuseppe", an Italian ancestor of Marcelo from the city of Solesino (Padova region). Giuseppe traveled from Italy to Rio de Janeiro via Las Palmas in 1896. He was aged 49, married to Regina Quaggio or Luaggio, and was accompanied by three sons , first son's name illegible, aged 16, second Ermenegildo, 9, and Antonio, 4. Marcelo is traveling to Italy in May 1999 to find out more.

Members of this (Solesino-Valadares) branch are:

Giuseppe (mentioned above): b. circa 1846, Solesino, Padova (Italy)

Antonio, b. circa 1890, Solesino, son of Giuseppe

Luiz, b. 27/11/1916, Mirai (MG), d. 7/5/95, son of Antonio

José, b. 27/3/1942, Miriaé (MG), son of Luiz

Marcelo, b. 2/12/1974, Gov. Valadares, son of José

Amanda, b. 19/12/1979, d. of José

Marcelo Jr., b. 1/11/1993, s. of Marcelo.

There are about 40 to 50 Montin(i)s in Brazil, in the Minas Gerais region, all presumablly from the same ancestors.

Marcelo is starting to compile a list of bearers of the name in Brazil.

He would like to hear from any person holding information about the Montin of Solesino. Please write to him or e-mail to Charles Montin, founder of the Montin International Registry.