The coordinator for research is Iliano (Prato).

Iliano has researched the origin of the name and informed the Registry (19 June 1998) that : "The surname Montini is not very common in Italy. It can be found mostly in Tuscany (the region where I live) and in the area around Brescia (northern Italy), the native town of Pope Paul VI. After lenghty investigation I've found out that the surname Montini has been present in Prato at least since the 18° century. In Florence there're some Montini buried in old churches,the most famous of them is the cardinal Jacopo montini who lived in the XVI century. Many Montini who live in Prato come just like me from Migliana, a village in the hills around Prato.In this village there's a place called "I Montini"(the Montins) by the name of the family called Montini who founded the settlement; and so it means that this settlement dates back to a lot of time ago.I've heard from some relatives of mine that a soldier of fortune from Migliana married a woman of Brescia and all the Montinis living in Brescia are descendants of this couple."

Contributions to the history of "Montini" are welcome.