The coordinator is Jeff J. Davison from Phoenix. It is supposed this branch is of French origin, though proof is still scarce.

On 18 May 1999, Jeff wrote for the Registry:

Here are the names of my branch of the Oklahoma City Montins (descendants of Howard & Ionne Guay).

Jeff has tried, but found it EXTREMELY tough to find Alfred's parents, but his Mom (Carol) remembers her Grandmother speaking "...with a French accent".

Carol had 4 children (2 marriages) Jeff John Davison (1956), Jillaine Marie Davison (1957), Michael L. Seaward (1969) and Marc David Seaward (1971).

Mary Margarette married David Ceinski (a Chief of Detectives Asbury Park PD, NJ) and children included David John Ceinski John K. Ceinski Mary Lou (died soon after birth) Joan Marie Ceinski

Gary J. Montin wrote, on 25 April: I alive in Palmetto, Florida and thought I would send a note and let you know the web site is great. Reading the information and find it very interesting. My father, Alfred C. Montin, was born in the USA and then was sent back to Nice, France to stay with his aunt at the family hotel. He came back to the U.S. and went into business with his brother, William Montin, who was the city manager of Enid, Oklahoma and at that time moved the Captial of Oklahoma to the present location in Oklahoma City. There were 5 brothers, Joe (deceased), John, William (Bill)(deceased), Howard (deceased) and my father Alfred (deceased). I have a bother Bill (William A. Montin) who lives in Fittstown, Oklahoma and is a rancher.