of the Montin International Registry


The coordinator of research for Sweden is Kjell Ingemar Montin.

He is presently investigating the origin and current extension of the name.

Kjell wrote on 11 November 1997: "My fathers name was Sven Rudolf born in Mackmyra Sweden. His father Sven Ulrik was from Falun Sweden 1880 or something. He had a brother that emigrated to Chicago USA in 1920 or there about. His name was Bror Montin. Used to be nicknamed Smiling Montin cause of his happy face with laugh rinkles. Bror and his wife Selma went back to Sweden in the 1960´s. They went back to the states after a few years though. I have had 4 brothers but only one is still living. I was born in Västerås in 1946 and my brother Leif 1935. He now is an American living in Mission Viejo, California. My brother Sven Bertil became a Canadian citizen but died in 1977 only 47 years old. SB did some research and believed he found an auntsister in Nice. I has been said that we came to Sweden from France with the staff to Karl XIV Johan or as his name was then, Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a field marshall to Napoleon, that was selected to become king of Sweden 1818. In fact I don´t know our origin and can not verify above believe that we came from France.

Leif wrote on 15 January 1998 that it his brother "Sven-Bertil was the one who found out that the Montin Family name came to Sweden at the time Sweden took Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, a field marshal in Napoleon's army, as king of Sweden. He supposedly had a Major and a Captain Montin in his entourage. This information was given to him from a Montin visiting Montreal from Oklahoma City, where a Montin family resided."

Stig provided on 2/10/1998 another account of one of the Swedish branches. "First of all, the origin of my name is not France, it is Finland. It all started with Samuel Mikaelsson (approximatly 1635-1699). His son, Michael took the name Montin. It was a latinised version of the name of the place that he was born in (Beröö, in english that would be "mountain island", a place near by Vasa) Later on, Nicklas Montin (1789-1852) emigrated to Sweden in 1810 (when Finland became seperated from Sweden and allied with Russia, and further on towards a sovereign state). Several "Montins" stayed in Finland, perhaps the Montin Bookstore in Vasa are stemming from the same ancestor (Michael). Most of my ancestors where priests of different kinds. However, I am not. As you know, I live in Örebro, but my parents lives in the south of Sweden. My famely contains of Lisa (my wife) and four sons: Gustaf Montin (born in 1998), Axel Montin (born in 1995), Joel Montin (born in 1983) and Olof Montin (born in 1980)." This information is confirmed by the data provided by Ann-Riitta (see Finnish family tree).

Any person holding information on this subject is warmly invited to share it with Kjell and Charles.