United States chapter

(Swedish American sub-chapter)


The coordinator of research for the United States is Leif Rudolf Montin from Mission Viejo.

Leif wrote (13 September 1998): "My grandfather, Sven Ulrik Montin, 1881-1963 had 8 siblings, Carl-Daniel (1875), Otto, Gustav (1878), Bernard, Anna, Emma, Bror and Konrad. Their father was Gustav Montin. My grandfather Sven Ulrik was married to Ida Edlund (1877-1942) and they had four children, Rut (1903-1986), married to Oskar Hedblom (1 daughter, Naemi 1920- 1994 and 2 sons, Reiner born 1922 and Rutger born 1933) Sven Rudolf (1905-1977) married to Karin Jonsson (4 sons) Martin (1908-1989) married to Signe Andersson (no children) Torsten (1910-1984) married to Ingrid Olsson (2 daughters, Berit 1933-1997 and Birgitta born 1943)."

He also wrote (17 April 1998): "Our father, Sven Rudolf Montin (Sweden), 4/18/05 - 6/14/77, married to our mother, Karin Amanda Elisabeth, 12/4/07 - 9/22/71, had children: Sven-Bertil Montin (emigrated to Canada), 5/1/30 - 12/1/77, married to Helen Leif Rudolf Montin (emigrated to U.S.A.), 8/20/35 - , married to Patsy Kent Arne Rudolf Montin (Sweden), 3/25/41 - 11/3/95, married to Gunilla Kjell Ingemar Montin (Sweden), 4/15/46 - , married to Berit Sven-Bertil have following children: Karin 12/1/57, Louise 12/30/59, Leif Ritchie 2/1/63, all living in Canada. I, Leif Montin in Mission Viejo, CA have following children: Johan Montin 12/13/66 (M.V. CA), Mette Montin 12/30/68 (Santa Cruz, CA). Kent Montin have following children: Niklas Montin 6/14/62, Camilla Montin 5/4/65, both living in Sweden Kjell Montin have following children: Joakim Montin 2/24/67, Ove Montin 1/13/70, Martin Montin 8/8/84, all living in Sweden."

Other households have Italian ancestors (Rita Basso's (Guelf) information). Rita welcomes any info. about that branch.

We also know from Diana Dempsey that an American branch in Michigan is descended from a George Montin who emigrated from Austria in 1911 at the age of 29. Any information about "cousins" from this branch should be sent to Diana.

Emily (Sta Barbara) has researched her branch. They are descended from John Peter Montin and his wife Emily who immigrated to the US from Sweden circa 1890. They had three children: Anders (deceased 1975) father of John Barry (step father to Emily and father to Michael Anders (b. 1965), Nicole (1970) and Ashley (1988)). Parker John, aged 2, is the youngest of that branch.

For the full list of Montins outside France and Italy, see our World directory.