Directory of Montins outside France and Italy

This information was initially collected by Halbert's Heritage in 1995 and has been largely updated by e-mail contacts. To have it amended, please e-mail information to Charles Montin (Carennac) . Please supply place and date of birth, and place of abode. Only name and residence will be indicated in this public table. You may write also to enquire after a lost relative.


  • <Kjell Ingemar (Lidingo), b. to Leif, s. of Sven Rudolf (1905)
  • Fredrick
  • <Kent (+) Uppsala, b. to Kjell
  • <Niklas, (Täby), s. of Kent
  • <Camilla, d. of Kent
  • <Joakim, s. of Kjell
  • <Ove, d. of Kjell
  • <Martin, s.of Kjell
  • >Matti, s. of Fjalar (1908)
  • >Marja, d. of Fjalar
  • >Irmeli, d. of Fjalar
  • >Mikko, s. of Fjalar
  • >Kristina, d. of Fjalar
  • Finland

  • >Jorma, Oulu; 2 children:
  • >Pekka
  • >Ann-Riitta, d. of Jorma
  • >Liisa, (Espoo)
  • >Petri, s. of Jorma
  • >Lasse (1927-95): 4 children:
  • >Anne (Luxembourg)
  • >Katrina (Helsinki)
  • >Marco
  • >Jan
  • New Zealand

  • Kenneth J. (Wainuiomata)
  • Sergio G. (Wellington)
  • United States


  • A.V.  (N. Hollywood)
  • <John Barry (Whittier), s. of Anders George (+1975)
  • <Leif Rudolf (Mission Viejo) b. to Kjell & Sven-Bertil(+)
  • <Johan, (Mission Viejo), s. of Leif
  • <Margaret B. (Calistoga) m. of John (Whittier)
  • <Mette (Laguna Beach), d. of Leif


  • Gary D. (Panama City)
  • Gary J. (Palmetto)
  • James M. (Panama City)
  • Joseph (Fort Myers)
  • Julia A. (Vernon)
  • Illinois

  • <Michael Anders, s. of John Barry
  • <Parker John
  • <Ashley d. of John Barry
  • Olklohoma

  • Bill (Stillwater)
  • J.V. (Oklahoma City)
  • John (id)
  • Julia (Cushing)
  • Other states
  • Robert (Lake Charles-Lo)
  • Bessie S. (Fling -Mi)
  • George (Flint -Mi), +1996 and daughters Irene, Rose, Mary (Austrian origin)
  • J.R. (Gillette -Wy)
  • <Ragner (Montana) (+ 1998)
  • Canada


  • G. (Guelf)
  • D.S. (Guelf)
  • John (Deep River)
  • Leno (Guelf)
  • V. (Guelf)
  • Quebec

  • R.A. (Mercier)
  • <SB s. of SR, b. to Leif
  • <LR
  • <Karin (Montreal), d. of SB
  • <Louise (Halifax- Nova Scotia), d. of SB
  • Australia

  • Maria (Penhurst -SA)
  • Avelino (Stanthorpe -Q)
  • Caterina (Tea Tree Gully -SA)
  • Marcello (Klemzig -SA)
  • Mario A. (Rosslyn Park -SA)
  • Paolo N. (Adelaide -SA)
  • The point of this table is not just to identify, but to point at origins. Note the "<" sign in front of the names of Kjell and Leif: they indicate an ancient French origin. The sign in front of Fredrick (">") indicates Finnish origin see explanation in article on Matti Falkiapaa. Other relationships are indicated : b for brother, s. for son, d. for daugther, etc..

    The addresses are not indicated as it is not our business to help create mailing lists and we respect the discretion of all Montins. If you wish to contact any of the them, I may forward a letter.